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Episode#92: What The Rich DON’T Do With Their Money

Today’s Smart Money Question: This week, let’s look into some basic steps that you can take towards building and protecting wealth, as well as finding peace of mind in your investment plan. (Click the featured times below to jump forward in the episode) Here Are Just A Handful Of Things You’ll Learn: 0:26 -New Format....

Episode #91: Mailbag – Social Security, Inherited Stocks, Market Recessions

We love to feature your questions on the podcast. Join us as we answer your email questions on Social Security, market recessions, and inherited stocks.

Episode #90: Relocating In Retirement

Many couples look to relocate or downsize in retirement. Relocating can be beneficial, but it presents questions you'll need to answer before you move.

Episode #89 Understanding Risk Tolerance

Today’s Smart Money Question: Risk tolerance is a buzzword you often hear in the financial industry. It’s important to understand what it is and how it applies to you as an investor. (Click the featured times below to jump forward in the episode) Here Are Just A Handful Of Things You’ll Learn: -We Don’t Like...

Episode #88: Market Volatility & Risk

Today’s Smart Money Question: There’s a conversation Matt has with clients all the time. It’s about market volatility. It’s one of the most important things to grasp and understand as you prepare for retirement. On this episode, Matt will recount one of those recent conversations with a couple that came into his office, some of...

Episode #87: Mailbag – Paying Off Your House

oin us as we feature your email questions. We'll cover paying off your house and financial planning for married couples.

Episode #86: Attitude Of Gratitude

This time of year, we tend to discuss the attitude of gratitude. In the spirit of the season, we want to take time to be thankful.

Episode #85: Headlines Featuring Scams And Market Crashes

On this edition of the podcast, Matt addresses scams that could attack your wealth and the question of whether a market crash could eat into your portfolio.

Episode 84: Paradigm Shift

As we move from work to retirement, we experience a paradigm shift. Suddenly, we're moving from wealth accumulation to income distribution. Matt explains.