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Matt tells us about times clients have said they wish they’d met him sooner. He’ll detail how doing so could’ve spared them a major headache.

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Here Are Just A Handful Of Things You’ll Learn:

1:16 – A Quick Aside On Haboobs!

  • In case you were curious about odd weather events in other parts of the country…

5:35 – Losing Out On Social Security. 

  • We had a gentleman to come in after a workshop telling us he wished he’d met us seven years sooner. Oddly specific, right? Apparently he and his wife had been less than efficient at collecting their Social Security benefit. He was 72 years old, and had yet to begin taking his benefit. As a result, he was missing out on consistent, monthly income. What’s crazy is nobody including his accountant had pointed out his misunderstanding. We sent him straight down to the Social Security office to get him squared away.

8:06 – Make Changes Before It’s Too Late. 

  • We had a couple to come in at the ages of 62 and 56. This couple still had plenty of time to adjust their Social Security strategy and begin contributing more to a Roth IRA. The wife was still working, and she had several years to contribute heavily toward retirement. Once you get to be 70 years old, your opportunities to fix your mistakes start to dwindle. It’s crucial you get a jumpstart on retirement planning as soon as possible. Don’t find yourself saying you wish you’d met us sooner.

Other Smart Money Points: 

  • 10:10Cash back Credit Cards.

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