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We’re dropping “Money” from the show today and calling it Smart Questions. Matt shares Maggie’s story about his wife’s life-altering trip to the hospital.

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Here Are Just A Handful Of Things You’ll Learn:

00:41 – Maggie’s Story: A Bit Of Context. 

  • Matt and his wife Maggie found themselves at at mysterious visit to the hospital with a hematologist. She’d been experiencing fatigue and shortness of breath, so they took her to the hospital. The doctors discovered she had a low red blood cell count, so they performed a blood transfusion, but they still didn’t know what was causing the problem. They performed a bone marrow biopsy and sent her home to wait for an answer.

4:45 – Maggie’s Story: The Diagnosis. 

  • Matt and his wife found out she had leukemia. The doctors promised to get them the best resources to fight her illness. However, Matt and Maggie weren’t sure how to proceed. They went into research mode to try to prepare themselves for follow-up visits with the doctors. They wanted the proper knowledge to understand the situation. Furthermore, their medical team was able to lay out step-by-step how Maggie should proceed with treatments and procedures.

18:31  – Maggie’s Story – The Takeaway.  

  • There’s a lesson we can learn from Maggie’s story. When you’re thinking about your retirement, don’t wait until a life-altering event to start your retirement plan .
  • Plan ahead. If you’re five or ten years out from retirement, the time to plan is now. You have time to get a plan together that will help you weather any storms that come along. You also have time to design a plan that will help you accomplish your goals.

Other Smart Money Points: 

  • 11:40 – An Unexpected Twist.
  • 13:50The Treatment.
  • 15:17 – A Groundhog Day Procedure.

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