Episode #95: Julie’s Story – A Client’s Perspective

Today’s Smart Money Question:

The featured guest this week is Matt’s current client Julie, who is in the process of planning for retirement and has been working with Matt for several years now. Julie provides some valuable insight into the planning process from a client perspective, and even offers up some great travel tips from her experience in the hospitality industry.

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Here Are Just A Handful Of Things You’ll Learn:

00:30– Matt Welcomes His Guest Julie

  • Julie, who is a client of Matt’s, talks about her experience approaching retirement.

2:37– An Ideal Retirement 

  • Julie talks about what her ideal retirement would be.

5:06– Fears & Concerns

  • Julie dives into what her biggest fears and concerns are approaching retirement.

8:24– Traveling

  • Matt asks Julie about her upcoming travel plans and Julie gives us some of her best travel tips.

12:24– Tips from Julie 

  • Julie talks about how important it is to plan for the future but to also live in the moment and enjoy life.


The Answer:

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