Episode#92: What The Rich DON’T Do With Their Money

Today’s Smart Money Question:

This week, let’s look into some basic steps that you can take towards building and protecting wealth, as well as finding peace of mind in your investment plan.

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Here Are Just A Handful Of Things You’ll Learn:

0:26 -New Format.

  • Just in case you didn’t hear the last podcast, some exciting changes are happening with Smart Money Questions!

1:37Do I Have What Other People Have? Is It Going To Be Enough?

  • Matt dives into answering these questions that prospects often ask him.

2:59 – What the Rich DON’T Do With Their Money.

  • Matt talks about an article he encountered. When we hear the word rich we automatically think of money but you can be rich in health, marriage etc..  Being rich is more than just having money. Matt talks about how his clients prepare mentally for retirement

4:04Matt Dives Into The Article.

  • Matt goes over the top things that the rich don’t do with their money, some of which include not investing in fad investing such as gold and bitcoin. Matt also talks about how they don’t panic when the market is down and in turn avoid the herd mindset. They don’t depend on a hope and a prayer but instead use a financial advisor to craft a well thought out plan.

10:13 – Matt Overviews What He Has Learned Over The Past Decade.

  • Matt talks about how it doesn’t matter how much someone has. When they follow the plan and  don’t do the things mentioned before, they become rich in understanding that they are fulfilling the plan for them. Which then gives them piece of mind.


The Answer:

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