Are you ready for when the market crashes? Check out the video above to learn how to stay calm and survive the next market crash.


Here are a few things we will go over-

1:00: Talk of a crash is in the air

7:03: Just like a plane wing, well diversified portfolios are designed to navigate through turbulence 

10:13: What is considered a market crash?

19:21: Why rebalancing is one of the hardest thing to do in investing.

31:55: Someone is always saying the market is going to crash 

47:50: Assuming you have a globally diversified portfolio, what would it take to destroy it all? 

50:50: Short-term market movements are random and unpredictable. The appropriate prudent strategy is to own equities, diversify and rebalance. 

Just like a market crash, there are some things you just cant control when planning for retirement.

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